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Born in London in 1980, I am an Italian-American photographer with a passion for image making and a special interest in animal rights through documenting the plight of non-human animals and bringing awareness to the implications of Speciesism.

We are beyond a critical point in our societal evolution where it's clear that the ways
 we've been living as a species on this planet are dangerously unsustainable. We are collectively coming to understand that we exist amongst millions of other life forms on this planet which we depend on for life support but which does not depend on us. Pandemics, social injustice and collapsing ecosystems all have at the root our conditioned sense that we are separate entities, apart from the world instead of a part.

How we relate to ourselves, our planet and
 the beings with whom we share it can no longer be abstract concepts. We must see past form, to the being within, human & non-human alike and in doing so arrive at treating ourselves and our planet with reverence.

The work on speciesism is ongoing & I hope that my photographs will inspire individual and collective reflection on our shared being so that we may move towards Unity in the truest sense. 


Victoria Miro Gallery

Franklin Land Trust

The Order of Malta

Lemon Lu London


Southwest Energy


Castello di Potentino


Castle Craig 

Alexander Atwater
Mayfair Gallery, London  
April 2011

Adam Street Members Club, London  
November 2010

Art of Living
CAW Gallery, London  
September 2010

End Frames
Gallery 54, London  
July-August 2010

Robin Bell's Silver Footprint

Richard Young Gallery, London

November 2009

Robin Bell's Silver Footprint

IPG Gallery, Battle, East Sussex

May-June 2009

Albert Studio Gallery

London, April 2009


Love Art

Normandy Gallery. Cap D'Ail, France,

April 2009

Only Human

79 New Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco,

July 2007

Challenge the Nail

Salon des Arts, London

June 2005

Beirut to Jerusalem

The Camera Club, London

February 2004


All images on this site were shot using the following cameras.

Leica MP & M6



Pentax 6 x 7

Fujifilm 6 x 4.5

Canon 5D Mk I & II

Films used usually Kodak TriX, TMax and Portra for colour.

Phone & Location

Presently somewhere in the UK

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